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Easier file manager with tabs
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Latest version: 2.9.0
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Mac OS X Finder got you down?

Manage your files like a professional using DCommander, a two-pane orthodox file manager for Mac OSX! Take full control of your file system!

DCommander is a Mac alternative of Total Commander


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Two-pane file management with tabs

Highlighted Feature List

  • FTP, SCP ConnectionsFTP, SCP Connections
  • Synchronize/Backup foldersFolders Synchronize
  • Quick LookQuickLook integration
  • FullscreenFullscreen support
  • File SortingDifferent sorting options
  • Compress ZIP UNZIP filesCompress files ZIP, UNZIP
  • Run app or show contentsRun app or show contents
  • Equalize panel contentEqualize panel content
  • Navigate files using keyboadKeyboard navigation
  • Switch PanelsSwitch panels
  • Shortcut to home or drivesShortcut to Home or drives
  • Folders first, then filesFolders first, then files
  • Drag And DropDrag and drop
  • Hot-KeysFull keyboard integration
  • Advanced file searchFile search with subfolder recursive searching
  • Mount Network SharesMount network drives
  • View files in Text, HEX or media modeView in Text or HEX mode

Feature List

  • - seamless FTP and SCP Connections
  • - two side by side file windows
  • - name, size, kind and date sorting of files and folders
  • - view hidden files and folders
  • - tabs support
  • FTP, SCP Connection Manager, Connect to external drives or mounted devices

  • - file search with sub-folder recursive searching
  • - integrated terminal and custom terminal support
  • - fine-grained item selection control
  • - Lynx-like folder navigation (using arrow keys)
  • - quick access to native Terminal, Console, Activity Monitor and Disk Utility applications
  • - customizable color schemes
  • - supports drag&drop operations
  • Synchronize folders, Advanced Search engine
  • - quick file viewer with text and hex viewing mode
  • - folder synchronization
  • - full keyboard navigation
  • - quick look integration
  • - fast integrated file and media viewer
  • - ability to create new folders and new empty files
  • - supports external drives
  • - mount network drives
  • QuickLook for Text / Hex / Media
  • - supports browsing ZIP, JAR, EAR, WAR, XPI and ODT archives like normal folders
  • - ability to selectively unpack UNZIP files and folders from archives
  • - compress ZIP files and folders
  • - fast file copy and moving
  • - supports retina display
  • - fullscreen support
  • - fast load time
  • - tutorials and tips
  • - works on OSX 10.7 and newer
  • Multiple Sort and Select Options

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