Are your backups synchronized?

Use DSync. Use it for backups. Use it to organize your files.

*Works with Apple Mac OS X 10.9 and newer

DSync - Easy Synchronization
Sync massive amounts of files with ease
Organize your files like never before. Always have a backup with DSync, the best way to manage your local and remote file and folder synchronizations.

Three steps is all it takes...

for DSync to synchronize your files.

Select the folders, compare them, synchronize them.
Can it really be that easy? Sure it can. After spending years trying to use tools that are too complicated, create hidden files or just too limited, we've developed DSync - the easiest way to synchronize files on Mac.

Get Synchronized

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself today!

Synchronize your folders

Fast and easy to use. Advanced features.

With the advanced algorithms in the latest version of DSync, synchronizing large folders with many files won't be a problem. You can even fine-tune your synchronization by skipping, deleting of reversing the copy direction of the files you choose to.

Synchronize the cloud

Use a cloud service? We support it!

DSync integrates nicely with macOS, allowing you to select cloud folders in addition to local and network folders. Use iCloud? Select the iCloud folder. Use DropBox? Select the DropBox folder. It's as easy as that.

The app can dig deep into your folder structure, and supports a fast asymmetric synchronization mechanism that can help you keep track of changes with minimal effort.

Let's get started
Try DSync and see for yourself why it's the best Mac Synchronization tool.
All clients get a 50% discount for upgrading to major versions of DSync.

A handy and user-oriented utility that provides the tools required to compare and synchronize two folders with just a couple of mouse clicks.


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